About Us

Hangzhou Taijia Biotech Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company located in the Binjiang district ,Hangzhou City, specializing in the research and production of polypeptide products. Taijia founded in 2017.The founder is a Dr. Returned Overseas from Germany, who has long been engaged in the research of conotoxin polypeptides.


Professional Team

The company has an excellent R&D team composed of doctors, masters, engineers, and other professionals, a first-class expert team, and an efficient management team. The main R&D personnel have more than ten years of experience in peptide product R&D.

Peptide Design

The company can provide R&D and Production services from peptide sequence design, specially modified peptides to peptide generic drugs or innovative drugs. We can provide services such as polypeptide sequence design, production of various specially modified peptides, customized synthesis of peptides, and polypeptide research and development.


At present, we can provide: glycopeptides, isotope-labeled peptides, macrocyclic chelating peptides, MAPS complex antigen peptides, which are used in various scientific research; All kinds of fluorescently labeled peptides are applied to the determination of enzyme activity and the study of molecular probes; Click chemical peptide, polyethylene glycol modified peptide, cyclic peptide and cell-penetrating peptide, which are applied to the research of various polypeptide drugs to improve the half-life and activity of polypeptide drugs.

The latest products include polypeptide hair growth and hair fixation, polypeptide anti-shedding products, and polypeptide breast enhancement and repair essence products, which have wide market recognition. We are committed to providing high-quality polypeptide products and services to global customers in all aspects of polypeptide screening, process research and development and commercial production. We have leading technical support, which can provide sequence prediction and provide the best advice for the success of your experiment.


After strict quality system production, the products can provide you with chromatogram and mass spectrum reports, and also provide various testing services according to your needs. We can deliver the goods quickly in 2-3 weeks, and the very short production cycle can shorten a lot of waiting time for you. Our products also have excellent and stable quality, providing you with stable products at all stages of drug research, from mg to kg, and the highest purity standard can reach 99%. We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit, guide, and negotiate cooperation!