Cosmetic peptide acetyl hexapeptide -8/Argireline Anti-wrinkle high-activity cosmetic raw materials

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Argireline, also known as botulinum toxin, is one of the oligopeptides that mimic the N-terminal 6 amino acids of SNAP-25 protein. Argireline is one of the commonly used raw materials for high-end cosmetics. Its main function is to reduce wrinkles caused by facial expression muscle contraction, and it has an ideal effect on removing wrinkles around the forehead or eyes. Argireline is a safer, cheaper and milder alternative to botulinum toxin.

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Acetyl hexapeptide -8, also known as akirelin and hexapeptide. Acetyl hexapeptide -8 is also called "botulinum toxin-like"/"smear botulinum toxin" by many people. It can be said that aquiline is an anti-wrinkle polypeptide with better effect than botulinum toxin.

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As we all know, botulinum toxin is a beauty product that needs injection. It is extremely dangerous to use, and needs to be used by professionals. The dosage should be strictly controlled, but it still cannot avoid various side effects such as facial stiffness and facial paralysis.

Argireline was verified in the human experiments of cosmetics manufacturers: the average wrinkle depth decreased by 16.9% and 27.0% after 15 and 30 days with 10% Argireline solution, and the wrinkle volume decreased by 20.6% and the wrinkle length decreased by 15.9% after only 7 days with 2% Argireline solution. It can be seen that the effect of achillerin on wrinkles is very significant.


Wrinkles in human facial skin are mostly caused by collagen relaxation and involuntary contraction of muscles. If the contraction of these muscles can be controlled, the skin muscles can be relaxed to relieve wrinkles and achieve the fundamental purpose of removing wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin, as an effective wrinkle removal method, is widely known for its excellent effect. Even if it will cause great risks after use, there will still be a large number of consumers willing to use it. Polypeptide is different. As an organic synthetic product, when used as a cosmetic ingredient, it can be rapidly degraded into free amino acids at low concentration. Its main sequence is based on human body and its mechanism of action is natural. The characteristics of small molecular peptides enable them to have good transdermal permeability and are well absorbed by the human body. Acetyl hexapeptide -8 prevents nerve from transmitting muscle contraction information through the mechanism similar to botulinum toxin, so that muscle cannot contract to eliminate wrinkles. It has high anti-wrinkle activity and few side effects, and has been widely used in various high-end cosmetics.


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